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J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan

Theme Overview:

Peter Pan is a public domain property that can be used without having to pay any royalties to Disney, since they based their 1953 movie on a book titled The Little White Bird from 1902 and Peter and Wendy from 1911. A lot of care would be needed to make sure that the game's art is greatly different than Disney's film or Spielberg's Hook from 1991.

The Game:

Begin with the familiar fantasy theme. The game will have a special wizard rule set for games that are set on free play. For this game, we create an epic adventure that allows the player to advance through plateaus where they can diverge and play to advance features, bonuses, etc. before going on to the next plateau. This is an epic rule set because a loss of ball only affects a bonus. The play is about strategy and shot execution rather than keeping the ball in play.


Peter Pan's playfield layout has a balanced combination of flow and sharpshooting. The game features an easy to shoot shot that feeds ball to an upper flipper for an upper flipper shot that all skill levels can make. A new magnet tee also lets the novice player shoot the top ramp. Easy to see shots, great Pop Bumper Area with the reintroduction of the Rally Bumper. Finally, we bring back the Post Save Feature.

J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan by Jon Norris

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