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Texas Tea

Theme Overview:

Texas Tea is a series of successful slot machines by IGT. A license by IGT is needed. It is essential that the license include all artwork. Tongue & Cheek graphics include the Yellow Rose, Blue Bonnet, Buttercup and Barrel Cactus flowers. Also has comical characters such as oil tycoon Texas Ted, his Armadillo, a Texas bull, and status symbols like a corporate jet and a classic Longhorn Cadillac. To see these characters, go to youtube and search for Texas Tea Slot machine.

Game Features & Playfield Design:

The object is to get to the Big Oil bonus. In our case, the Wizard Mode (Coin-Op) or the Wizard Game (Free Play).You must begin by placing your derricks into zones (shots). When all derricks have been placed, you must get them pumping. The Game features Rally Bumpers that have Oil Derrick Tops. Once you place your derricks, you must activate them by hitting the corresponding Rally Bumpers. Easy to Understand, but hard to Do! This mode based game provides plenty of action along the way to the Big Oil Bonus.

IGT's Texas Tea by Jon Norris

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