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1983- Pink Floyd

In 1982, I moved to the San Jose area, trying to get a job at Atari. my timing was bad since this was when the bottom was falling out of the arcade video game market. My aim was to get any job at Atari, then move over to their still pinball division. I even remember seeing them test 4x4 at the Galactican arcade. I took a job working at Space Shuttle arcade as a technician and quickly realized that an Atari gig wasn't going to happen.

I bought a Chicago Coin Twinky without a backglass and modified the playfield to create a modern game. I remember using the existing inserts and painting the entire playfield pink. I used a Dark Side of the Moon poster as the games backglass. This was mostly a backroom project that I would work on while passing the time at work. One of my job duties was to work behind the cash register, so during slow times I had the opportunity to work on Pink Floyd. I must have sold the game when I moved from San Jose to Chicago, after getting a job at Gottlieb. I sold all of my games in San Jose at fire sale prices. I dont know what happened to the game. The game may still be somewhere in the San Jose area.


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