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1984- Tour de France

In 1984, while working at Space Shuttle arcade in San Jose as a technician, I wanted to make a real game. I had recently made Pink Floyd as a modified game. This time I wanted to make an original game. I bought a Stern Stars and used its standup target and drop target feature, then added two mechanical step switches from an EM game and made a volatile special feature on the lower playfield. This feature was reset at the beginning of each ball. Each hit on the blue target reset the red target and advanced the blue target one step (or vice versa). Completing ten steps lit that target for an open ended special. The player had to avoid the other target, while hitting the intended target at least ten times. There was a tube shot that launched the ball to the upper half on the playfield. Using Stern Stars rules for the drop targets, the player had to complete both banks to score and advance lit value for score, extra ball, and specials. Also on the upper half was the standup target feature from Stars. Completing all five targets lit one for Special.

I put a boombox with an endless cassette tape that played Kraftwerk's Tour de France as background music. The music was tied to the flipper enable relay, so the music would play when the flippers were active. The game was a two player game. Stern Stars had a DIP switch to set games to two player mode. This game was actually operated on location.

I made 15 flyers for the game and handed them out at Pinball Expo 85.

After Premier closed in 1996, I was unemployed and needed to downsize, so I arranged a sale of the game to a game collector. The game was to be delivered to the buyer at the Chicagoland show. I brought the game in the back of my truck. When I arrived, that buyer declined the game, saying he didnt have room on the truck and that he would get the game on his next visit. It rained before I could get the game home to safety, and water damage destroyed the game. Water got under the top glass and peeled all of the paint from playfield. I deposited the ruined game in a dumpster.


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