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Pinball Smart Phone App

Features for Players:

1- Begin Tandem Play. Both players login and swipe their game's bar-code. They navigate to the tandem play feature. See Tandem Play Feature for more details.

2- Begin League or Group Tournament Play. Swipe the game's bar-code to establish a connection with game. The game is then set to league play mode and sets up to record all scores that are then downloaded back to the app.

3- Begin Individual Tournament Play. This is a weekly entry fee tournament that awards cash prizes to winning players. See Individual Tournament for more details.

4- Post Scores to Server. The app keeps track of high scores on all connected games. This feature allows brags and receive (adjustable) push notifications.

5- Download Video of play. Using the game's built-in webcam (see tandem play), players can shoot a video of their play and send that video to their device or youtube account.

6- Test Flippers and Bumpers before coining-in. Players can receive one ten second long test ball per game per day.

7- Report Problems to Game's Operator. Players can notify the game's operator if they encounter a service issue with game.

8- Automatic Personalization. No need to enter your initials.

9- Find, Chat with, and Meet other Pinball Players.

10- Receive Promotional Offers from Local Game Operators.

11- Log-in and earn Rewards Points with Enrolled Game that cen be used for Free Game Play on their games. See Pinball Rewards for detailed description.

12- Transfer virtual credits to your app with your credit card or paypal. Use these virtual credits to play without having to feed bills or coins into game.

13- Save replays won for later use on same game if game's operator allows this function on his game.


Features for Game Operator:

1- Run diagnostics and accounting remotely.

2- E.T. Phone Home. Game can notify operator if any service related issue ocurs.

3- Receive Service notifications from Players.

4- Receive Service Bulletins from Factories and Chat with their Technical Services.

5- Remote Service manuals with Parts Lists.

6- Able to Remotely Watch Play of Game.

7- Ability to Set-up Rewards Program that give players points for playing your games which are only redeemable on your games.

8- Ability to market your games to active players and run special promotions.

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