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EZ Tournament


The old method required opeators to start and end their weekly (or however long it lasted) tournaments. They had to place the prize money into envelopes that had to be handed to the winners later. Players also had to pay an additional entry fee to participate in tournament play.

This new concept essentially does the same thing, but makes it hands free for the operator. Since it is easy to run, game operators are more likely to run tournaments on their games. This method also eliminates the need for an additional entry fee, making it much more user friendly for the player. Each play on game is an automatic tournament play.

This is done by having the game record all scores for 1000 plays. The current game plays against all of those scores. When any score has been held for 1000 plays, it's deleted. This makes the tournament self sustaining. If you get a score good enough to "Place" (1st thru 200th place), then you win the equivalent credits for your win. A Cashout button will print a ticket that is immediately redeemed at the counter. There is no longer a need to wait until the end of week to get your prize.

The redeemed tickets are kept by the attendant and "Taken off of the top" at collection. Larger locations can use a kiosk to redeem the tickets. Suggested prizes at $1 per play are 1st- $25, 2nd- $15, 3rd- $10, 4th thru 10th- $5, 11th thru 25th- $3, 26th thru 50th- $2, and 51st thru 200th- $1.

The combination of an operator friendly tournament, player friendly interface, and immediate cash for winnings make this tournament method far superior to any that has come before. This feature could help facilitate a paradigm shift for pinball.


EZ Tournament by Jon Norris

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