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Pinball Rewards


This is a program that game operators can set up for their customers. The operator can establish the amount of points that a player receives for paid plays on each machine. This means that promotions can be run for specific games and or specific locations. This software can be used to track player metrics and playing habits. Operators can also run special promotions that offer players promotional plays or points. The operator can establish player loyalty be listing and mapping their game route. The feature also lets the operator notify their customers when a game is rotated or when a new game is available.

The Player:

Using the pinball app (see Pinball App), the player logs-in to game by scanning the game's bar code. When they scan the bar code, they log-into this operator's site (The app creates the operator's site). As long as the player is logged-in, they can track their rewards points and view promotions that this operator is offering. When they coin in, they are given points as assigned for that game by the operator. The player can redeem points for Free Plays as assigned by the operator. Rewards points are kept seperate for each operator. The app makes it clear that you are logging onto a specific operators site.


Operator Bob has a small route with 15 pinball machines. He has just placed a new game at the Sierra Tavern and has just shopped a game (Texas Tea) at Lou's Laundromat. I'm customer Jon and I visit Kona Lanes and see that they have 3 pinball machines. I use my pinball app and log-into a game by scanning the bar code on game. The app sees that this is the first time I have ever played any of Operator Bob's games. My app tells me that I will receive 5 points for each paid play, that I need 50 points to get a Free Play. The app also tells me that operator Bob has Rich Girl (new game) at the Sierra Tavern and he is giving 10 points for each paid play until Friday. I play three paid plays on this game, earning 15 points. Then on Thursday, I visit The Sierra Tavern and play four plays on Rich Girl, earning an additional 40 rewards points. Now I have 55 points, so I use my app to redeem 50 points for a Free Play on Rich Girl. Now I'm left with 5 Operator Bob rewards points.

I'm operator Bob, My app's daily report shows that a new customer named Jon played three games at Kona Lanes. Then on Thursday, the report shows that Jon visited The Sierra Tavern and played Rich Girl. As operator Bob, I see that I have a new potential customer, so I use my app and send Jon three free promotional plays on Texas Tea at Lou's Laundromat. The app sends Jon a push notification and email informing him about those free plays.

This rewards program creates a Win-Win situation for both the player and the operator.

The Pinball Rewards Program by Jon Norris.

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